woensdag 27 januari 2010


Unknown and not yet on the interactive ski map but too nice to ski by: the new 'restaurant' half way the piste the Novelli, between Siviez and Combatseline.

The owner transformed an old barn into a kitchen, placed a hughe tent in front of the barn (complete with glass doors and terrace heaters) and VOILA: a new restaurant was born: CHALET NOVELLY
(Nendaz-Mont Fort, reservation 027 288 20 11)

The interior is very well done:
Simple looking benches and tables, completed with animal skins and warm white blankets.
Soup is served in earthenware pots with a lid. The bread is fresh and crispy. And if you like you can order a fresh roasted chicken.

Sit outside and enjoy a glas of whine, or sit inside with a steamy hot chocolate.. Thirsty, anyone?

donderdag 7 januari 2010


The two weeks of Christmas holidays showed the whole spectrum of weather: we had freezing winds in the first days. Then temperature went up, which brought some rain (aarrggg) as well. And after that a few days sunshine in the morning and heaps of snow during the afternoon and the night.

We had a few days when the Etherolla chairlift was closed part of the day, due to the risk of avalanches. We saw the heli from the mountain patrol as they shot the avalanches. Spectacular to see: you see the heli hanging close to the mountain and sometimes see the great wave of snow even before you hear the dynamite, followed by the low roars of the falling snow. I'm always impressed by the power of nature.

I know, a bit off the beaten track is nice, now and then (and for some people more now than then).
But, if you're a lover of free rides and off-piste skiing or boarding... have a look: