zondag 18 oktober 2009

Chalet ready for winter to come!

The winter seemed far away. Every morning around eight, the sun came over the mountains just to set the bench in front of the house in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. 
A perfect place for a fresh espresso. As the little shop of Les Masses was closed, the bread was in the oven, giving the house this great and mouth-watering smell. The book stayed in my lap, as the view of the white top of the Matterhorn is so stunning.

We left a nasty and rainy Holland to enjoy a week of hard work in Switzerland. We had to paint some windows on the outside, cut the grass and the herbs on the slope near the house, and do some local business.

picture ©Tanja Enninga

Although we worked hard, we enjoyed every minute of it! We had some spare moments left to go for a walk and enjoy a glass of Dole Blanche, the local rose wine, on the terrace of Hotel la Cambuse.
And the house is ready for the season to come.

In my next posts I will keep you up to date about the house and surroundings, so you all can do a bit of armchair skiing and wet your appetite for the winter to come!

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