dinsdag 15 december 2009


Only a few days before high season starts. The weather is great: sunshine and snow... what else could we hope for?

So, do check your gear. Are your skis waxed? Sharp? Fixations checked?
If you haven't enough time at home, you could ask the guys in Les Collons. As Les Masses has no ski shop (yet), I prefer to go to Theytaz Sports (next to the Office du Tourisme in Les Collons 1800).
The ground floor shop sell ski jackets, gloves etc. Downstairs they have a variety of ski's and boards, boots and helmets, for sale and for rent. Weekends (saterday afternoon and suday morning) in high season can be a little crowded, though. So better have your ski's waxed any other day. If you want to rent, you could make an online reservation http://www.theytazsports.ch

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