woensdag 27 januari 2010


Unknown and not yet on the interactive ski map but too nice to ski by: the new 'restaurant' half way the piste the Novelli, between Siviez and Combatseline.

The owner transformed an old barn into a kitchen, placed a hughe tent in front of the barn (complete with glass doors and terrace heaters) and VOILA: a new restaurant was born: CHALET NOVELLY
(Nendaz-Mont Fort, reservation 027 288 20 11)

The interior is very well done:
Simple looking benches and tables, completed with animal skins and warm white blankets.
Soup is served in earthenware pots with a lid. The bread is fresh and crispy. And if you like you can order a fresh roasted chicken.

Sit outside and enjoy a glas of whine, or sit inside with a steamy hot chocolate.. Thirsty, anyone?

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