woensdag 3 maart 2010


Last weekend the snowpark of Thyon 2000 was crowded with youngsters, low hanging pants, 'cool' jackets. They performed spectacular during the "GANGS OF THYON".
I quote their website:

"On February 27th and 28th 2010, CentralCamps and Télé-Thyon present the 5th edition of their main event at Central Park in the Thyon Region, THE GANGS OF THYON.

The Thyon Region has always been proud to support freestyle on the mountain.
True to themselves, CentralCamps with the help of Télé-Thyon has found a formula that brings smiles to the faces of riders. Entirely organized with their own time and care, this event will gather over sixty fully invited participants who will fight for the title « Gang of Thyon 10 » in snowboard and in freeski!"

It was really fun to see it all. The T-bar lift Theytaz runs just left of the snowpark. When one was alone on one side of the T, it could easily happen that a snowboarder just stepped alongside half way the lift, and off again just after snowpark.. Life is not that complicated, is it?

No updated video results yet, so enjoy last years video!

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