zaterdag 8 januari 2011


Life can be so busy and complicated, that you long for a few hours outside, playing in the snow. However, life can be so busy that doing what you have to do to prepare, can be too complicated too.

And then, when you want to ski all the way down from the top of the Etherolla, down the Cheminee piste, slow down a little when you take the little tunnel and cross the pancake lift, make speed again and go left besides the Tipi, and then down the fab piste de l'Ours ....your legs BURN and you'll regret! (Don't tell me, I do know!!)

As the year is still fresh and crispy and I have many good intentions, I came to this movie from fitness coach Amelia Burton. Seems that only a few minutes a day could make the difference. Just 4 exercices to get you ready for the snow. I'll give it a try! Let me know if it helped!

copyright Amelia Burton

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