woensdag 2 maart 2011


Every year I collect a bunch of piste plans from the ticket booth in Les Masses. 

Although we pretty know the area by now, we never leave home without a plan in our pocket.
Most times, it is not the only plan in my pocket. Last years plan is in that pocket as well: an ugly, wrinkled, torn rag. Ready for the dustbin. If you use the piste plan more often than we do, it will be ugly and torn even before your holdays are over. Of course, you can take one from the ticket booth again... but why should you, with this more elegant solutions from the guys from wipe-out.

They developped a lens cloth printed with a piste map. It covers the whole area from les Masses up to Verbier.  You can put it in your pocket, use it to check the map with gloved hands, use it to wipe your sunglasses or ski goggles. And even more easy, you can  Buy Online.
Have fun!

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