vrijdag 13 november 2009


Playing outside in the snow can make you hungry, isn't it? This part of Switzerland has a variety of local dishes to fuel you for a few extra hours skiing. (And promisse that you'll just do that, otherwise you have to go on a diet immediately after you're home).

One of our favourites is a local dish called "croûte au fromage". Literally it means 'crust'.
You have a plain croûte (croûte nature) or topped with egg, ham or both. And of course, all kinds of varieties are possible.

A basic croûte is very easy to make:
use some slices of old bread, a bit of garlic, half a cup of white wine, thick slices of local cheese (hard cheese like gruyère, ementaler or similar will do).
Use an attractive small oven dish.
Roast the slices of bread. Cut the garlic into two halves and rub the inside of the oven dish as well as the slices of toasted bread on both sides. Put the slices in the dish and spread the slices of cheese on top. Spoon the wine in.
Put the dish in the middle of the oven at about 180 degrees, or under the grill for five (or so) minutes.  The cheese should melt and gratin a bit.

Take it out of the oven (be carefull!!) and top the dish with fresh pepper from the mill and 2 or 3 gherkins.
Drink with a glass of local white whine, like a Fendant or Dôle Blanche (a bit of a white rosé).

Bon appetit!

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