zaterdag 7 november 2009


The forester came with 2 m3 of wood. Here, the forester is working for the municipality, maintaining all the woods around the villages, but also helping with huge trees in private gardens and making fences and wooden bridges. They also make beautiful outdoor garden furniture and wooden sculptures.  When we ordered the other day, it seemed not that much, but when we saw it in his pickup it was a huge pile.

Taking that all down, a few blocks at a time, was a lot of hard work!
This year we came up with a shortcut, a simple piece of plastic, firmly tight to the stairs.

That made life easier! Why didn't we before?! It still was two hours work, but together (and me with the important task of taking pictures) it was finished before lunch. And by now the winter may come! We have enough wood to make a nice and comfy fire every evening.
Next time I'll tell you about nice local cheese, that goes fine with the local wines, and with the evening fire, of course.

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