woensdag 4 november 2009


Can you imagine yourself sitting on the bench in front of Les Bonnets? What you'll see is the view on all these four-thousanders. Actually, the picture in the heading of this blog I made sitting on that bench (and the ones who know me, can picture the fresh espresso within hand).
From left to right at this photograph in the heading you can see famous four-thousanders: 
Weishorn (4505m), Zinalrothorn (4221m), OberGabelhorn (4063m),  Dent Blanche (4357m), and Mont Cervin (4477) on the far right.
The French name of this last mountain probably doesn't ring a bell, but the German name does! It is the Matterhorn. Easy to recognize on its exposure, from this side a night-cap bending to the right.

© picture Tanja Enninga

Explore the mountain tops and beautiful pictures at http://www.alpen-panoramen.de/

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